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Even More Legitimately Jaw Dropping Stats About The New York Giants

I'm not going to sit in my recliner and just let Coley talk shit about my beloved Giants so I found other jaw dropping stats about them. 

- They've won 4 Super Bowls, 3 in my life time. That's pretty awesome. 

- Take my word for it since every highlight we link here tends to get blocked, but they are the only team to prevent the Pats from a perfect season in the Super Bowl.

- No seriously, it happened. David Tyree didn't make a catch after that Super Bowl. That might be the most jaw dropping stat of all time. The man made arguably the greatest catch in football history and refused to put his mitts on the ball again. Respect. 

Giphy Images.

-Eli Manning ran for -120 yards his junior year of college but had 2 touchdowns. Just wanted to point out how absurd that is. 

- Eli also has the record for most passing yards in a postseason and most 4th quarter touchdowns in a season. Suck on that. 

- Saquon may not have had more rushing yards than Big Ben today but he had more receiving yards. Your move, Ben. 

- Whatever, it's a rebuild. Trust in Joe Judge. Danny Jones actually didn't play that bad outside of one horrendous, ugly play while his center and inside line tried to get him killed. We're doing laps.

- Read Clem's blog about the game too. 

- Never forget this pass by Eli