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This Stat About How Bad The Giants Have Been Is Legitimately Jaw Dropping

I genuinely, genuinely do not understand how that's possible. The Browns went 0-16! The Bengals just had the number one pick in the draft! The Lions exist! When you think inept New York football the Giants are like the third team to come to mind. Saquon Barkley went second overall, that was the highest the Giants have picked. Danny Dimes was the sixth pick so there were at least five teams worse than them that season. And Andrew Thomas went fourth in this year's draft. They're the worst team in the League over the last three years with no number one overall pick. Not only do they not have a number one overall pick to show for their troubles, the player they selected highest had six - SIX - rushing yards on 15 carries tonight. Daniel Jones is ok. Andrew Thomas was the lone Giant to block anyone tonight so that feels like a positive trending in the right direction... 

But I'm not really here to parse through the selections they made, that's a minor piece of this shit puzzle. I just cannot wrap my mind around the New York Football Giants, the only franchise in football to win a Super Bowl in every decade since the '80s, being statistically the worst team in all of football for a three year stretch. One year? Sure, that can happen to anyone. Two years? Why not, stink one year then tank the next like the Cardinals. Three bad years in a row? Not even regular bad, the worst three year run out of any team in the League. And you're not some expansion team like the Texans breaking into the NFL and having no prospects and the worse Carr brother. You're not the Browns or Bengals or Lions. The New York Giants can't win more games than the JETS???? 

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