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The Real Story Is What Happened 20 Minutes After This Girl Ate A Pool-Ball-Sized Chunk of Wasabi

"You guys dare me to eat this?" No. "Ill DO it! I will!" ?? Literally nobody said yes. 

(Does it) 

If I've learned one thing from wasabi, it's that the rule of "what goes in must come out" is a real rule. Confirmed true. That's just an FYI for the girl who just ate a 5 pound ball to take some extra safety precautions. Maybe keep a fire extinguisher in the the bathroom.  Oh and DM Odell Beckham Jr. he's a football player, he won't want to miss this. (Lol get it.) 

Fun fact did you know that the wasabi you get in the American grocery store/Sushi restaurant is not real wasabi? More like horseradish and mustard with a little bit of green food coloring. Real wasabi is one of the world's most expensive condiments and is grated then smeared on a block of rice with your sushi and sashimi in Japan. (Huge tip if you ever end up there: don't mix it with the soy sauce. Everyone will laugh at you. Only noobs eat sushi rolls with wasabi mixed up in soy sauce. Also whatever you do do NOT ask the chef for more wasabi. Trust me. Very dishonorable.) 

Anyway I forgot I promised to get all the viral IG posts onto the blog so there's that one.