We Know Why Shaun Wade Has Opted Out of Ohio State: A Green Cricket Convinced Him To.

This morning Ohio's Tate posted about Shaun Wade choosing to opt out of Ohio State, a curious decision given that his own father has been leading the charge to get Buckeyes football back:

Well a few hours later, we got our answer. And now it makes all the sense in the world. 

Coronavirus concern? 

Worried about getting injured and hurting his draft status? 

Planning on transferring, perhaps? 

None of the above. 

Source - Apparently Wade's decision to leave the Buckeyes came because of an insect. Wade told ESPN that he saw a green cricket outside his front door when he left for a workout and when he returned home, it was still there.

"I looked up what a green cricket means and it's kind of about moving on with your life, so I think that was a sign from God that it was time for me to move on," Wade said.

Well OK, then. Who are any of us to argue with a green cricket appearing outside your door and it still being there when you get home later? What else could it possibly mean? God works in mysterious ways and one of those ways is apparently sending noctural insects from the species Gryllus campestris to guide you through major life decisions. Why not? Makes as much sense as any of the two dozen educational and career choices I made before I wound up here. 

Granted, if I was a Buckeyes fan - and by no means am I - I'd be a little cheesed off by this. Because how do I know that wasn't a Michigan cricket? But I'm partial to Notre Dame, where players get their messages from The Almighty directly, through Mass, prayers at the Grotto, Touchdown Jesus, Lou Holtz peptalks or the things St. Mary's students yell in bed. (Note: My own darling academic Irish Rose was a SMC Chick, so I can kid.) But Shaun Wade's life is Shaun Wade's life to lead as Shaun Wade and his bug messengers. 

Besides, if Disney has taught us anything (and I'm talking about the early stuff, not the blatantly racist stuff of 1940s and 50s), it's that little green crickets give expert life advice. 

Good call, Wade. I'm sure this is going make those interviews at the Combine fascinating.