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Machine Gun Kelly Further Proves That LSD Makes You An Elite Professional Athlete

Where were you on the night of July 7, 2019? In case your memory is mush I'm willing to bet you had your eyes tuned in to the celebrity all star game in Cleveland, Ohio. Sound familiar? Of course it does, I know you were watching 

As everyone remembers, the music artist known as Machine Gun Kelly came up in a big spot in the 3rd inning with two on and nobody out. Have to get those runners home to chip away at The World's five run lead. What did he do? Took an outside pitch the other way down the line where no one was playing and legged it out for a three run inside the park home run. What a moment in time. I'd say off the top of my head this was probably a top 5 moment in Cleveland sports history. From my understanding everyone there remembers where they were on this day. I mean how could you forget? 

But now we get me more details on the famous plate appearance, finding out MGK was tripping on LSD at the dish. 

Who would have thought? 

Certainly not I based on these pictures. What a stunning new development in sports history. 

This now brings up the age old question, does LSD make you an elite baseball player? I know this was technically softball, but we're still swinging a bat on a ball so work with me. Dock Ellis famously tossed a no-hitter in 1970 while under the influence of the drug. Now we've got confirmed reports of Machine Gun Kelly's famous 3 run inside the park homer occurring under the same drug. Coincidence? I think not. Steroids were the big thing over a decade ago, but maybe LSD is the real secret to peak performance on the diamond. 

At the bare minimum Gary Sanchez should at least try it out. Worst case scenario he's suspended from baseball forever which isn't really that bad when you think about it. Best case scenario is he turns back the clock and becomes MVP Gary Sanchez again. If this isn't being considered by the Yankees right now then we've got to rethink our entire strategy moving forward. 

Unrelated to LSD, I just found out that Machine Gun Kelly is going to be starring in a movie with De Niro and John Malkovich?!?!? 

Talk about a heater for this man. Runs though Sommer Ray, Kate Beckinsale, and now Megan Fox in the span of a few months. Changes course on his music and becomes a punk rock star with some awesome debut songs and an album coming out in less than two weeks. Now he's STARRING alongside Robert De Niro and John Malkovich. Not too shabby.