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Remember The 90s Movie 'The First Kid'? Yeah, Apparently That Kid Is Now Running For President Of The United States

I was legit blown away when I saw this headline. First, here I was clicking to see what Mighty Ducks star was running for President. I'm not one for politics, but I am one for 90s movies. Would it be Julie the Cat? I could see Banks running for President. He's the clear leader in the clubhouse. But then I was confused when I saw them call Brock Pierce the 'Mighty Ducks' child star. They are burying the lede big time here. Why?

He's the goddamn star of The First Kid! Remember that movie? 

How do you not discuss that as the headline? The dude starred as the President's son and now he's running for President of the goddamn United States in 2020. He's on the ballot in 15 states! I'm pretty sure you can't even come close to doing anything there, but we talked about Kanye, this dude is actually on the ballot. If he was smart he'd slap Sinbad on as his VP for the ticket and get on at least 16 ballots. 

PS: Brock Pierce is 100% a guy who played hockey in Minnesota. There's no doubt about that. Him and Banks would have been a solid President/VP choice at both a frat house ticket and US ticket.