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This Anti-Mask Rally Raises A Lot Of Unique And Interesting Points I Hadn't Considered Before

Let's go person by person. That feels like the only way one can truly unpack everything witnessed in this clip. First up, the lady with the megaphone.

Threatening to take away federal funding. A promise she absolutely cannot deliver on whatsoever. A confused cheer and a smattering of applause by an audience that wants so badly to be on her side but even they cannot see her vision. You also know that ABC 4 shot her entire speech and this was the most coherent string of words she cobbled together. Would pay a monthly fee to know what other bullet points she hit during her time with the megaphone.

"Yes go ahead, Timmy, say it into the camera just like we practiced in the car. Say the flu line. That will get you out of the house and back to school so mommy can fuck her personal trainer while daddy goes to work and we continue this loveless marriage we've built."

I don't think this guy got the memo for what the protest was for. Just saw a crowd on his way to the packy to grab a local craft brew and missed the feeling of being around people and decided to join in. At the anti-mask rally you don't want to have this guy talking about wearing masks to the media. 

The word "Karen" gets thrown around a lot in 2020 and honestly it just feels like the PC way to call someone a cunt. That's a point I've wanted to make recently but haven't been able to find the right time to break it out. Then I heard this woman speak.

The only person making any goddamn sense in this entire video. The only one who spoke and made me think, "Gee, I hadn't considered this angle of wearing a mask." Selfishly I had only focused on not catching the virus and staying alive like an idiot. Never once thought about how the molester community felt about masks. New rule: if you're a child molester you can't wear a mask. That feels like a safe way to identify those sick freaks. You see someone sans mask, keep your children away! 

Any time you have a rally full of people who buy most of their clothes off targeted Facebook ads you know you've got some of the brightest minds gathered in America today. What a wacky shirt! You get it? He breathes fresh air! Haha! Take that you mask-wearing chuckle fucks! Hey doctor idiot, breathe any fresh air in the nine hour surgery? Didn't think so! 

Everything is good and fine and we definitely don't have nine more months of this shit. Humanity in general is in a great place right now and if you didn't think so before watching this video hopefully it helped you regain faith in society as we always knew it.