Meat Sweats With Jordie: Playing With Fire On The New Pit

So I decided to upgrade a little from the egg smoker I was working with before. And by upgrade a little, I mean driving down to Tennessee to pick up a 250 gallon smoker that takes up the entirety of the aggressively small patch of "yard" I have to my name. So yeah, just a little bit of an upgrade here. 

This particular smoker is from Primitive Pits and on today's video we just get into the basics about starting and maintaining a fire in one of these units. I didn't get around to cooking anything crazy in this video but I was pretty happy with the first rib cook I had on this puppy the other week. 

So maybe I'll do another rib video soon. Or I also have a little tri tip in the freezer right now so maybe we'll get that on video. Either way, now that the smoker has been upgraded and Philly sports are ruining my life, it's time to get that bbq content back on track. The smoke is going to be rolling all fall. Let's eat.