Giannis And The Bucks Co-Owner Having A 3 Hour Lunch Meeting To Try And Improve The Team Sounds Like The Most Depressing Time Ever

I'll be honest, there is almost nothing I'd sit during a 3 hour meeting for. That just sounds awful. You get awesome at sports so you don't have to sit in meetings, that's for mid-level accountants. Not only that, but this meeting should be roughly 4 words long from Giannis: 

Get a 3rd playmaker. 

That's it. It's that simple. I'll begrudgingly give Khris Middleton the second playmaker spot, but the biggest miss for the Bucks is they don't have that 3rd guy. Look around the league and who is left. Unless you have AD/LeBron, you have 3 playmakers on each team. Brown/Tatum/Kemba (Celtics), Jimmy/Herro/Bam/Dragic (Heat), Kawhi/Paul George/Lou Will (Clippers). The Bucks just don't have that and if Bud is going to play Giannis/Middleton just 30ish minutes per game, you gotta add another one to stagger the lineups. 

I do appreciate how over the top the Bucks co-owner is willing to go. Does it reek a little of desperation? You bet your sweet ass it does, but it's all about doing whatever Giannis wants. Don't get me wrong, I have some concerns about playoff Giannis, but the dude is a star. You gotta keep him in Milwaukee no matter what - even if you have to spend luxury tax money. I also hope Giannis either goes to the Knicks (selfishly, duh) or stays in Milwaukee. Let's avoid a super team and let's just keep watching the fine people of Wisconsin get excited for the playoffs only to fall short every year. 

I'm OUT on 3 hour meetings though.