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Winged Foot Drone Shots, My Gift To You For U.S. Open Week

It's been 456 days since we last saw U.S. Open golf. Finally, we're back. And it's a big one -- Tiger Woods this week will become the first player in golf history to be the reigning Masters champion at back-to-back U.S. Opens... from the same Masters win. Incredible.

We published earlier our video showcasing Winged Foot in the form of a contentious Frankie vs Lurch match. But I know you, because you're like me, and that's not enough. So here are all the drone photos I took while meandering around Winged Foot three weeks ago.

Two top-100 golf courses. The West, this week's venue, will be hosting its 6th U.S. Open. The previous 5 have produced Open winners with scores of: +7 (1974), +6 (1929), +5 (2006), +2 (1959), and -4 (1984).

Love it. Here you go.

The Clubhouse draped in shadow from a setting sun.

From left to right: 18 West Course, 18 East Course, 9 West Course.

The par-3 10th. 


Greens again from 18 West, 18 East, 9 West. Then the 1st tee on the West.

18 green. 

18 green. 

18 green.

1 green and 9 fairway.

4 fairway.

4 green.

4 green.

12 green (I think).

9 green.

9 approach.

Clubhouse with some of the East course at the top, and 18 green West bottom right.

9 green on the left. 18 green on the right. (18th East in the middle).

I forget, but sweet shot. 

Middle left is 17. To the right of that is 12. To the right of that is 13.

Similar view.

The reverse angle of that view (so par-5 12th running up the middle, par-3 13th coming back, par-4 14th going up the left; lower right is 17 fairway coming towards us).

11 green (I think).

11 green again (can see the approach up 18 through the tree on the left).

18 green.

18 green.

Clubhouse showing off again under the setting sun.

Let's have a week!

Frankie vs Lurch, in case you missed it