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Better NFL Kickoff Instagram Post: Olivia Culpo For Christian McCaffrey Or Christen Harper For Jared Goff?

In one corner, Olivia Culpo and Christian McCaffrey. In the other corner, Christen Harper and Jared Goff: 

The real answer: America wins. Football is back. Smokeshow girlfriends are back. Normalcy is back with the Lions losing in heartbreaking fashion. Now I will admit it's not the most fair fight considering the Panthers lost while the Rams won so we didn't get the follow up by Culpo. That said, we'll look further because no one actually cares about the words on this blog, just pictures. 

Olivia Culpo

Christen Harper

In conclusion, I got nothing. I'm not picking a side but I'll lean Harper for now - the Rams did get the win. I'll just leave it at saying that being a good looking professional athlete must be the best sort of life. Need Danny Jones' girlfriend to drop a post tonight now. That's how I know the sophomore breakout year is coming for Danny Dimes.