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Is Today The Biggest Day In Chelsea Football Club's History?

The short answer is: yes and no.

"Ethan, you awkwardly handsome buffoon. How is this Chelsea's biggest day as a club? They've won countless trophies and will almost certainly continue to win silverware at an elite level. What about when the club was going bankrupt and was saved by a Russian billionaire? How could today possibly be the biggest day at Chelsea Football Club? Of all days, match week 1? Against Brighton?" 

Well, I'll tell you how, random internet commenter.

Obviously winning every trophy imaginable over the past two decades has been a massive accomplishment. A miraculous Champions League run in 2012, five Premier League titles, a bushel of FA Cups, community shields, Europa Leagues; you name it, we've won it. Lord knows how much Spurs wish they could have at least one of the sixteen trophies that Chelsea have won since they were taken over by Russian oil money. 

Even Arsenal at this point. How many times do we have to hear about the undefeated season that happened a decade and a half ago? Go play with your little FA cups and shut up already. Buncha wanks.

I, along with every other Chelsea fan, will always relish those big moments more than words can describe. HOWEVER, unless we want to turn into the likes of those cretins at Manchester United, Arsenal (also applicable to the New York Yankees), and exclusively talk about how we used to win trophies, we need to act now.

This was Chelsea's biggest transfer window ever (approximately $245 million spent). The last time the spent this much money in a single window, they won the league. Who knows, they might just go and win the league this year but we need to walk before we can run. That all starts today. That all starts with Chelsea v Brighton at the AMEX Stadium. The biggest game in Chelsea's history.

Ok. Yeah. That's all a lil tongue in cheek but the point stands. We must win this game today. We must show the entire world that the Chels are back and as carefree as ever. Maybe it's not the biggest game in Chelsea history but it's the biggest game for our future. A loss today is catastrophic.

"Ethan, it's only the first match of the sea-"

It's not just that, it's the first match of a new era. Timo, Haevertz, Pulisic, Ziyech, Mount, Chilwell, etc etc. We have the players. There are gonna be little to no excuses for failure. Heavens know how quick Roman is to pull the plug on a manager who he thinks isn't working. Thankfully, super Frankie Lampard is a little more than just another manager and will almost certainly have more of a cushion when it comes to job security. 

This just feels like a chance for stability. A chance to retain the same manager for more than two years. A chance for an identity. I mean, regardless we're probably gonna win silverware. It's what Chelsea does. They win. Even with the mayhem under Sarri, they managed to win a European trophy. Today is the start of a new era, so drink it in lads. The Chels are back.


PS - here's a little pump up song to get all you bastards ready for 3:15 pm.