3 Rivers Leading To A Steelers Win, Week 1 @ Giants

This time of year every media person has their "keys" segment for what the team they cover, or in my case root for, needs to do to win. 

I wanted it to at least have a little bit of a spin to it so I figured since it's the Steelers from Pittsburgh located on the banks of the Three Rivers, why not call it 3 Rivers to lead to a Steelers victory? 

Here we go. My version of "Keys to the game". Week 1, MNF, at New York Giants: 

1. Stop Saquon

Everyone in the Steelers organization has been talking about this for the last couple weeks. TJ said it. Cam Heyward said it. Mike Tomlin had to stop himself from basically calling Saquon Barkley "Barry Sanders". Well, besides the coach speak to not give bulletin board material, they're right. The Steelers defense was phenomenal last year but was just middle of the pack when it came to stopping the run. They allowed over 100 yards on the ground per game. New York's offense will run through 26 and rightfully so. Stop him early and often so you have to put the hands of Danny Dimes. 

2. Take Advantage of The Tackles

The Giants O-line is not their strong suit coming into the year. The Steelers have led the NFL in sacks in the last two seasons. New York has a rookie at tackle in Andrew Thomas. Being introduced to Bud Dupree and TJ Watt in your first NFL game should be a problem. Those two should make it a problem. Tying river 1 in stopping Saquon hand-in-hand with this one - if you stop Saquon early then let these pass rushers pin their ears back and go to work on these tackles to make it a long night for Daniel Jones. 

3. Get Ben Rolling

It's the first official night of the Revenge Tour. The long-awaited return of Ben Roethlisberger has arrived, and while we're all excited, definitely don't be shocked if there's some rust. Ben has typically struggled in the season opener - especially on the road so having not played in a game for a year should only enhance that. Still, having him back there gives this team the best chance to win on any night. It'll be important for (football coach voice) the line and Conner to establish the run, keep the offense ahead of the chains, and set up some easy completions early for 7. Wouldn't be surprised if the first few series we don't see Ben throw more than some wide receiver bubbles to JuJu and Diontae or set up some screens to Vance McDonald or James Conner. Either way, it'll be great to have the big fella out there again and hell, maybe Coach Randy will surprise us all and say "fuck it the ol' cowboy is back" and have him go deep early on. 

If the Steelers ride these three rivers tonight, they'll be 1-0 tomorrow morning.