We Now Have the Broadcast Call From the Alabama High School Game With One of the Wildest Endings You'll Ever See

Nate posted this insane ending to a high school football game in Alabama from this past Friday night, but we didn't have the broadcast audio — until now. I counted nine pitches and a couple fumbles, but after about a minute, Hillcrest ends up in the end zone with no time left to get the win over Wetumpka.

And the call is fantastic. I still watch my high school's football games most Friday nights because the experience is just so communal and you know how much everybody out there cares, from the players to the announcers and everyone else. And let me tell you, whoever was behind the mic during this game really cares about Hillcrest-Tuscaloosa football.

After such a weird year, I didn't really know how fired up I was for football to come back — most of it with no fans — but things like this have me all the way back now. Football is back, folks.