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Presenting The Biggest Steal Of 2020, Possibly All-Time: You Can Rent Out The Fresh Prince Mansion For Just $30 A Night

[TMZ] - It's the first time the mansion's opening up its doors for fans looking to create their own memories as the series celebrates its 30th anniversary. So, the good news? It's only $30 for the night to commemorate the 30-year anniversary. Bookings start September 29 and the stays will take place October 2, 5, 8, 11 and 14. Airbnb will also make a donation to the Boys & Girls Clubs of Philadelphia to celebrate the royal event.

Here's the thing ... these bookings are overnight stays and only 5 dates are available. And, if you're outside the L.A. County area, you're outta luck, 'cause it's open only to those residents. Folks trying to book also have to prove they all currently live in the same household to minimize COVID risk. And, don't worry ... the place gets cleaned according to CDC rules.

I don't understand how this is only $30. We're talking about an all-time TV house, in California. I just assumed everything in California costs at least $100, no matter what. Sure, there are some bullshit rules here with only being open to LA residents. It should be open to anyone who remembers the 90s. We should get first dibs on the place vs people in the LA area. Trying to think of the most iconic TV houses from the 90s and feel like the Fresh Prince mansion is number 1, maybe 2 behind the Matthews house in Boy Meets World. 

The real debate here is if you'd rather relive the side of Jazzy Jeff or Uncle Phil when tossing someone out of the joint here

Giphy Images.

I actually wish more 90s shows would do this. Sure, it's not where they taped the show except for the outside part, but they are still iconic for all of us that grew up watching TGIF. Give me Boy Meets World in Philly. Give me Family Matters in Chicago. Give me Step by Step in Wisconsin. I'll go around the country renting and reviewing all these bad boy houses for $30 a night. Pretty sure I just created a gold mine for renting companies. 

PS: If you don't roll up to the house like this, you're simply not living the Fresh Prince life right