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It Doesn't Matter How Big The Win Is, The Nuggets Stars Are Going To Roast Their Teammate Torrey Craig In Postgame Press Conferences

Don't get me wrong I for sure want the Clippers to win just because of Kawhi vs LeBron. But, this Nuggets team is starting to change that thought process for me. All they do is play crazy series and then have incredible quotes in the postgame press conferences. We had Michael Porter Jr., call out the coaching staff THIS SERIES and here we are going into a game 7. But the real story is the fact Torrey Craig simply can't get away from being made fun of. The dude plays serious minutes for the Nuggets! He's key for them. Jokic and Jamal Murray don't care though. Last series we had Murray make fun of Craig for missing a layup and nearly costing the Nuggets a series: 

I honestly have no idea how this series is going to 7. It felt like the Clippers had them dead to rights and yet here we are. The Nuggets need to keep this core together simply for the fact all they do is go seven in the playoffs. There's nothing better than game sevens. They are almost like the anti-Popovich in the press conference too. They are just going to answer whatever and make fun of each other.