13 Stoolies Have A Shot At Winning $25,000 During MNF Tonight

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So last week the PlayBarstool App introduced it's newest NFL Pigskin Parlay game. The concept is simple, pick 10 games against the spread & the exact MNF score and if you go 11/11 you win $25,000. Now it may seem like crazy odds and alot of people scoffed when we first rolled it out, but they were proven wrong almost instantly

Thankfully we didn't listen to Patty Peeve because someone might hit the 25K jackpot the first week. There are 13 contestants who are 10/10 so far. 12/13 of them have the Steelers winning and there is only one duplicate guess. Here is the breakdown


All pretty reasonable scores which means that the Giants will probably win a super low scoring game, either way these 13 stoolies are going to have the most nerve racking Monday of all time. 25k on the line, can't hedge because it's an exact score, can't change your guess, just have to wait all day for Monday night and pray to the football gods that somehow, someway the final score ends up where you need it to be. 

Either way, download the PlayBarstool app and make sure you get your Stool Streams picks in for this afternoon and your NFL picks in for next week! What would you do with the 25k?