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Ezekiel Elliott's "FEED ME" Belly Tattoo Is A Mood

Forgive me as I am an old disconnected with the slang of the modern youth. But Zeke tattoo getting a FEED ME tattoo on his tummy is a mood or a vibe or a bop or whatever the fuck the kids say these days. Many of us will have memories imprinted on us figuratively by this pandemic. However Ezekiel Elijah Elliott literally marked the sign of the times by putting in print what all of us have done over the last 6 months while locked in our houses with nothing but our thoughts, streaming services, and unlimited bad news to entertain us along with our snack pantry.

I always get a kick out of thinking about what people with wild tattoos will look like when they are old and gray. So the thoughts of Grandpa Zeke bouncing his grandkids on his knee talking about the times he fake fed himself after first downs and shared the field with Daniel Jones, the greatest quarterback he ever saw, all as they stare at his wrinkly old man belly that still says FEED ME. Or just anybody seeing a grown man with the words FEED ME on his belly. Honestly maybe Snackin' Off would still be around if I showed the type of commitment to the feeding and eating game that Zeke does. Egg on my face for not having the pure fire on Zeke's belly, even though it's not close to the best ink residing on Elliott's body.