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Welcome To Cincinnati, Joe Burrow: Bengals Kicker Misses Chip Shot, Possibly Hurting Himself On The Kick



Poor Joe Burrow. Welcome to Cincinnati. If you thought the team that kept Marvin Lewis employed for 2 decades was going to change overnight, you thought very wrong. They will still find a way to be the Bengals, it takes a while to get that sort of stench off, especially in a city that enjoys Skyline Chili. 

And after the kick, the Bengals kicker did the only thing he could do: Started limping.



Only a Bengals kicker could blow out his leg on a 31 yarder to send the game into OT.

Baby steps for Burrow changing the culture in Cincy. Decent day for the rookie- 23/26 for 193 yards, and another 46 on the ground with 1 TD. Didn't make himself a hall of famer in his first game, but had a solid final drive to set up that chip shot. Again, it'll be baby steps. Can't change an entire franchise in your first game, you're still the Bengals for now.