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Teacher In Trouble After He Brought Out The Belt To Whoop Up On Some Kids


Fox 5 - Prince George’s County Public Schools officials are responding to new video that shows a substitute teacher using a belt on students in a classroom. The grandmother of one of the children in the class told FOX 5 it happened last Friday at Gwynn Park Middle School in Brandywine. The school district is not providing the teacher’s name. In the video, he has what appears to be a belt in his hand and is hitting students on the floor. It is not clear if they were roughhousing and he was trying to break it up or if they were trying to hide from the teacher. Either way, Prince George’s County Public Schools is not making excuses and say the substitute teacher used improper actions to discipline the students. In a statement, school officials say the teacher has been removed from the classroom and law enforcement is now involved.


Alright look. Let’s be rational here. In 2015 can a teacher take off his belt and start going to town on some insubordinate and churlish students? No he cannot. But look at that video above again. There was a fucking pig pile in the middle of her classroom. Sometimes the teacher’s hands are tied. He’s trying to teach these kids and they are in a rugby scrum in the middle of class. Sometimes you have to take matters into your own hands. He snapped. They broke him. Think about it. This teacher has been substituting all year long. Been spit on and treated like garbage and found shit in his coffee (probably) more times than not. Something had to give. It’s almost the end of the school year and she was like fuck it, time to do things my way. So he took out the belt and went to town like he was trying to get Smokeshow City to finish a race before sunset. He just got unlucky some kid caught it on video. But oh no, he won’t be able to substitute teach anymore, I bet he’s so upset. And PS: Seems like it worked pretty fucking well. Let’s just remember that. It worked and nobody died.