Dude Gets Knocked Out But Doesn't Realize He's Knocked Out Until His Body Crumbles To The Earth


Did I bury the lead with that headline?  Should I have led with the part where the one guy, um, flamboyantly confirmed that his friend was knocked the fuck out?  I feel like I did.  I couldn’t think of a way to properly explain what happened there.  The first part was easy.  The one dude gets WALLOPED by the other guy but doesn’t totally realize it.  Like at all.  He thinks he’s fine and wants to continue with the scrap but then uh oh the world is starting to melt away and he’s toast.  But that last part?  Hard to define.  I’m still not sure what happened.  I was expecting a classic “You got knocked the fuck out dude!” or a “Ohhhhhhhh shit!”.  But what actually came out of his mouth and the way he contorted his body?  Shocking.  A lot going on there for just a 6 second video.