Russell Westbrook Wanted To Fight Rajon Rondo's Brother Mid-Game Because Rondo's Brother Called Russ 'Trash'

Listen, I have nothing but respect here. You have an absolute lunatic in Russell Westbrook who won't stand for Rondo's brother calling him trash. Sure, he's talking shit while down 30 and putting up an absolute STINKER of a series, but I have respect for a guy that's at least willing to fight someone in the stands. 

It takes a special kind of crazy to yell 'you better double' when about to be gentleman's swept and down 30. Shit, not to mention when the team trades way too much for you and I'm even a Russ fan! Just shows that's a dude with a few screws loose and ready to fight people's family in the stands. Get him and Jimmy Butler together - sure, I may use this strictly to laugh at Coley's tweet 

And shit Russ is dealing with playoff Rondo. That's not a regular dude. You don't just get away with talking shit to him down 29 and then trying to fight his brother. Long live the bubble. If Tyler Herro's chick IG model isn't chirping Jayson Tatum, I don't want to watch the NBA. If Rondo's brother isn't chirping Kawhi's uncle, we don't deserve this. Let everyone talk shit.