Happy NFL Opening Sunday! Here Is An NFL x Avengers Endgame Mashup To Fire You The Fuck Up Before Kickoff

Look, if I come across a mashup involving the NFL and MCU, I am going to watch it and I am almost definitely going to love it. Comparing Drew Brees to my TONEY STARK was an admittedly tough start. But that music, the parallels to the fresh starts with Brady and Gronk in Tampa Tompa along with the thought of everyone uniting to overcome the odds against a common enemy (in this case bitch boy covid instead of the Mad (although he raises some fair points) Titan) have me as hyped for any NFL season as I have been in years. And while I have no love or hate in my heart for the Patriots outside of all the money their success has pumped into my company, seeing Cam play the role of the superpowerful Captain Marvel showing up in a new place was fucking AWESOME. 

I realize this makes me a giant nerd but I don't care. Actually you know what? Fuck it. We're watching the portals scene from Endgame to put our hype over the top since it's Week 1 and we deserve it after the last 6 months of shit.

Best of luck to everyone's teams except for the three NFC East teams not named the New York Football Giants!