Giannis Apparently Unfollowed The Bucks And All His Teammates On Instagram

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Oh no. Chalk this up to something you most definitely do not want to see. Remember just a few days ago when Giannis went to the podium and talked about how he wasn't going to demand a trade and wanted to run through the wall or some shit?

and now he's unfollowing everything related to the Bucks on social media? Why do that to your fanbase unless you were really leaving. Pretty weird move given everything he said a few days ago. That made me think what could have happened. What is the only thing that's changed since Giannis committed like that? The Bucks said they weren't going to fire Coach Bud. Now the next day Giannis pulls a move like this. I wonder if those two things are connected. 

Either way though, after losing in the second round in 5 games, this is such a dick thing to do to Bucks fans. It's even more annoying if it's really nothing. Why torture that fanbase. You know how nerve wracking it is when a star player could potentially leave in free agency. It's the worst.

The bubble rumors about him joining the Heat or the Raptors were one thing. That already had a lot of smoke. But now you add this to the mix and we have a full on fire on our hands. When the face of the franchise goes out in public and makes it look like he wants nothing to do with said franchise, that's an issue.

I will say this. Giannis has been hacked before. This could very well be another hack and instead of outrageous tweets/posts the hacker pulled this move instead. Much smarter and a move I respect. I'm not ruling that out and just wanted to mention it as one last lifeline for Bucks fans. Giannis just got hacked and definitely doesn't hate his team and teammates. Let's go with that.