Introducing The Best Postgame Question Of All Time

Earlier in this press conference Pascal Siakam blamed himself for this series loss. Which is fair, mostly because he stunk every minute he was on the court. Good Lord was he terrible. More like P U Siakam, imho. Can't remember a moment where he made a positive impact for the team that pays him whatever they consider to be money in Canada. HOWEVER, this question - even after Siakam put the blame on himself - is as hysterical as it is brutal. 

"Hey Pascal, you said you stink. We all agree. Can you elaborate on that for me?" 

"Hey Pascal. My dog ate a bunch of chocolate last night and threw up all over the floor. Reminded me of the way you play sports. Thoughts?" 

"Hey Pascal *15 seconds of uninterrupted fart noises*. Any comment?"

Honest to God I'd rather get stabbed with a rusty blade than have to sit there and be asked about how bad I stunk for seven straight games. Coming off a Championship season that was capped off with a fresh contract extension, was any of it worth it to have to live through this moment? I'd argue no but that's just me. I hope this starts a trend of extremely too honest questions. Take off the kid gloves and start hammering these athletes with brutal questions when they're at their absolute lowest.