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This Mississippi High School Coach Who Coached From a Lift Because He Was Quarantined for COVID Deserves Football Guy of the Millennium

Vardaman High School head coach Brennan Pugh was supposed to be quarantined due to COVID-19, which would seemingly mean he could not coach his team on Friday night. Well maybe for a lesser man that would be the case, but for a Football Guy such as Pugh, this presented little challenge.

All he had to do was go get a lift, park that bad boy behind the bleachers and he was ready to go. I absolutely love this move. The Hugh Freeze-coach-from-a-hospital-bed-energy here is off the charts.

True Football Guys don't let a little injury or virus keep them off the sideline. There will inevitably be college coaches this year who are forced to miss a game and with all the eyeballs trained on them, there's really nothing they can do. But in Mississippi high school football, you can get away with damn near whatever you please. Screw it, coach from a lift.

Unfortunately for Pugh, his team fell a bit short on Friday, losing 20-14 to Holly Springs High School. But it was certainly not for a lack of effort on the part of its head coach. We have an early frontrunner for Football Guy of the Week, Month and Year.