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This May Be The Worst Nut Shot In The History Of MMA

I say this with no hyperbole or exaggeration whatsoever: that's probably the worst nut shot I've ever seen in the cage. I remember Sergei Kharitonov writhing in pain after Matt Mitrione hit him with one back in February of 2019 that wound up being a NC, and thinking that was brutal....

....but having ZERO crowd audio for this and just hearing the sounds of Peter Stanonik sobbing - I mean, absolutely OPENLY WEEPING - in the cage?! That was extremely painful to experience from my couch in New York City. Can't imagine how that actually felt. I almost don't even feel comfortable jokin about it just yet. That could cause some serious reproductive damage I'd assume.

This came directly after Tyrell Fortune vs Jack May ended in a no-contest due to a nut shot....

Have a night, Bellator! Get well soon Pete!