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Chinese Restaturent Owner In Trouble Because He Laced Noodles With Opium

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Daily Mail- A Chinese noodle shop owner has admitting lacing his dishes with opium in a bid to keep customers coming back. The added ingredient was only discovered when a customer who had just eaten at the restaurant in Shaanxi province was pulled over by traffic police. Liu Juyou was made to carry out a routine drugs test when he tested positive. He denied touching the illegal substance and suspected it might have been his earlier meal, according to the Xi’an Evening News. The 26-year-old was detained for 15 days on charges of drug abuse but was only released after he persuaded family members to try the noodles and then take a drugs test – and all of whom tested positive. The shop owner, named only as Zhang, has admitted that he bought 2kg (4.4lb) of poppy buds containing the plant’s seeds for 600 yuan (£60) in August. He crushed them into a powder and added the substance along with seasoning to his noodles to ‘make the food taste better’ and to ‘improve business’, reports the Hua Shang Bao.


First of all, it’s bullshit that this is illegal.  Business 101: Keep the customers coming back.  That’s the #1 rule of running a business. Doesn’t matter how you do it.  Slash prices, put out a good product or simply lace your noodles with opium.  Whatever it takes.  Second, how about the bull shit way this store owner got caught?  He served opium-laced noodles to a guy who got pulled over by police after he eat, was forced to take a routine drug test and it came back positive for opium.  The guy swore he didn’t take opium, asked the cops to test his family who ate with him at the restaurant and they all tested positive for opium which led them back to the restaurant.  Huh?  That sounds like the plot of a movie.  There’s literally zero chance that happens in real life and it happened here.  Now the poor restaurant owner is probably gonna go to jail and that’s lame.  So he puts opium in his food.  Big fucking deal.  Who is that hurting?  People love his food, they keep coming back, he makes money and no on is the wiser.  The cops are gonna get involved here and be massive buzz kills.  I honestly wouldn’t care if places where I went to eat spiked it with drugs.  If it keeps me coming back, they win.  It’s no different than the pounds of salt in Chinese food that makes me order it every other day.



PS- I’m now convinced that the place where I get Chinese food is lacing it with opium.  There’s no other reasonable explanation as to why I order from there like 6 times a week.  It has to be laced with drugs.  Or I’m just fat and I love Chinese food more than some family members.  But I think it’s for sure the drug thing.