Bet You Didn't Know The Most Intense Rivalry In All Of Sports: Buffalo Hoops Player Charged With Stabbing A Canisius Player During A Pickup Game

[AP] - A University at Buffalo basketball player was charged Friday with assault and weapons possession after stabbing a rival player during an off-campus pickup scrimmage, officials said.

Malik Zachery, a junior, is accused of stabbing a Canisius College player in the leg in a church gym in the Buffalo suburb of North Tonawanda on Wednesday.

Step aside Kentucky/Louisville. Don't even talk UNC/Duke. Xavier/Cincinnati? Yeah, that one brawl was sweet. Buffalo/Canisius is where it's at in terms of hatred in college sports. We got dudes stabbing each other in the leg in a pickup game. Correction, not just a pickup game one at a church gym. That makes it even better. Everyone knows the best pickup games are always at some rinky dink church gym. That's where you play and there are zero correct foul calls. Someone is going to be pissed if you call a ticky tack foul and then it just escalates from there. Granted, I've never been stabbed playing basketball, I can see how you get in this situation from time to time. I love how the AP describes it: 

Police said players from the two Buffalo colleges were playing a pickup game when a fight broke out and the unidentified player was stabbed.

Uhh, ya think? How else does someone get stabbed in this situation? Of course there was a fight at a pickup game. Any pickup game has a 70/30 chance of breaking into a skirmish of some sort. One shove and you end up in a 1950's stage with light padding. That's typically how it starts when you're playing in a gym pickup game. 

I went ahead and did some digging into this rivalry. Here's what we got. They've played 28 times total, Buffalo leads 15-13. I'm now all in on this rivalry. We got close games. We got hatred. We need these teams in a bubble together this year. Only thing I want now outside of a Kentucky championship. I want, no, I NEED to see Buffalo/Canisius play. You knew they had all their teammates at this pickup game. Now put a real win/loss at stake here and let's get cooking.

Oh, yeah, not shocking that Malik Zachery was suspended from the team. Good to hear the kid from Canisius is doing well.