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If You're A Non Notre Dame Chicago Stoolie And You Don't Own This "Play Like You Had A Fake Girlfriend Die Today!" Shirt, You Are A Moron


Look, as a guy who has MANY fake internet girlfriends I sort of feel bad for Manti Te’o. I can see how this sort of thing could happen. Its a slippery slope. One second you’re fake dating a chick and next she gets in a car accident that causes cancer and makes her die. If anyone in this entire world could feel sympathy for him its me.


Now with that said, as Chicagoans, we owe it to all the class ring wearing, snobby, stuck up,  Notre Dame alumni walking around our streets to wear this shirt. Notre Dame thinks its an Ivory Tower on a hill, well folks that tower is full of fake internet girlfriends now too. Don’t let them forget that. Ever.