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Team J-Rod Has Reportedly Sweetened Their Offer To Buy The Mets By Including A $200 Million "Break-Up" Fee And Walmart CEO Marc Lore Is Now Adding Hundreds Of Millions Of Dollars To The Bid

Alexander Emmanuel Rodriguez. Will you stop from whatever awesome thing you are likely doing right now in your awesome life and take a look at yourself in the mirror?

Your dream of owning the Mets is over. Ka-put. CUNCELLED. No break up fees or trucks filled with Walmart money is going to change that. 

All of these silly little extras sound like when a kid is being punished by his parents and he promises to do every chore in the house to avoid a week without video games. It's desperate, it's sad, and it's not going to work. I'm pretty sure Major League Baseball is fine with the one buyer with more money than all your buyers combined than having to confuse matters with an entire ownership group. And what do break up fees mean to an ownership group that is selling to a lone billionaire paying with his own cash? You think Uncle Stevie needs a break up fee because he is buying the team with IOUs or some shit?

Fuck no. In fact, I bet Steve Cohen may burn a couple hundred million dollars in the Citi Field parking lot just to prove a point

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Look Alex, you have an awesome life, a beautiful family, and are Big Cat's boss. For once in your life, just quit while you are ahead instead of embarrassing yourself. I say that as a coworker, a total stranger, and as a fellow Mets fan (since I know you were going to lay that narrative on real thick if you won the team). The team is in good hands with Uncle Stevie. Maybe if you play your cards right, he will invite you to the Opening Day Gala. #LFGM.

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JK, there is no chance in hell Uncle Stevie let's A-Rod near the Opening Day Gala after those hit pieces magically appeared in the tabloids. If anybody reading this knows Steve Cohen, make sure to clue him in on which media company had his back and been clowning the Wilpons from Day 1.

We'll discuss this latest failed JRod attempt, the Mets wearing first responder hats tonight, and more on the Coors Light pregame show on We Gotta Believe Twitter handle.