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"Unwritten" By Natasha Bedingfield Is An Absolute Jam And Only A Complete Nincompoop Would Disagree

Here we go again. Another Snake Draft another round of slander. Usually when the graphic comes out I have to stand alone on the internet defending myself against droves of morons

Now look, I know I have missed the mark a few times in the drafts. Hand up on lanyard and exchange rates. Wasn't thinking or was thinking too much. This though, this I can not abide because social media Danny moves the goalposts to shift the narrative around what the actual discussion was. A true student of Eddie. We saw it with the burrata salad. The question was "summer foods" and somehow those misleading fucks turned it into backyard BBQ foods. I was thinking burrata on a nice patio. Maybe the Parlor in Wicker Park. They've got a great burrata. Fresh tomatoes in the summer. A nice light salad as a side goes a long way. I wasn't putting it next to a hot dog off the grill like those guys made it seem. Same thing here. It went from being "college song" to "party song". 

Well let me tell you something…"Unwritten" is both and everything in between and it was absolutely a big time college song. My college years were 2005-09. That is when that song popped off because of Laguna Beach and The Hills. EVERYONE loves that song and they still do. It played during power hours. It played late night. If came on during a road trip people sat of straight and at minimum started singing the song under their breath. I have distinct memories of laying on a couch or a futon in college with an old girlfriend being hungover as hell and having MTV reruns of those shows going for hours as I drifted in and out of consciousness. It is absolutely a college song and it also gets every audience going

If you try to argue otherwise then you are just a nincompoop like WhiteSoxDave and Eddie. It's a great song. It gets people going. It played during college. I win. It was a great pick. 

Have a great weekend everyone. If you play this song with your friends(which you should) I want to have videos sent to me. Thank you