Would You Be Willing to Spend 90 Days in Jail Over One Missing McDonald's Cookie?

An Ohio woman will soon serve a three-month jail sentence after attacking McDonald's employees because her order was missing a cookie.

The Smoking Gun — In a plea deal, Daja Tucker, 24, copped to assault and criminal damage charges in connection with an April confrontation at a McDonald’s in Parma, a city outside Cleveland.

According to cops, Tucker was intoxicated when she tangled with the workers around 10:15 PM. Angry that she had been shorted a cookie, Tucker climbed through the drive-thru window and fought with the employees, one of whom Tucker spit on.

This is your run-of-the-mill Florida story that just happened to take place in Ohio. But my question is this: is a chocolate chip cookie from McD's worth three months in jail?

While the obvious answer is of course not, I can relate to the rage this woman felt. I actually ordered McDonald's the other day and it showed up to my apartment with a small fry instead of three chocolate chip cookies. I did not want fries; I wanted cookies. And I certainly do not condone attacking and spitting on people, but sometimes you really want that cookie.

I also want to take this opportunity to say the best chocolate chip cookies in New York City are at the West 4th Street McDonald's and I mean that sincerely. On a related note, my favorite pizza in New York is Crust in Terminal D at LaGuardia.

Unfortunately for Daja Tucker, I'm sure the cookie situation in Cuyahoga County Correction Center is less than ideal.