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Scott Van Pelt Killed Skip Bayless And His Awful Dak Take Without Ever Saying Skip's Name

There's a reason SVP is one of the most well-respected and beloved people in sports, and he proves it almost nightly. One Big Thing is arguably the best segment in ESPN history, yes even above The Mayne Event and Jacked Up, because SVP is just so damn good at articulating what reasonable people think. Every single time I watch it I learn something or think "YES! That's what I was trying to say!" 

Last night he used his time to just kill Skip Bayless, without ever acknowledging Skip and giving him the attention he so craves, for saying that Dak can't have depression (because his brother fucking KILLED HIMSELF) and be a leader. It's obviously a moronic take, it's harder to lead when you're down no doubt, but doing so makes you even a stronger leader. Admitting things were hard means you're an even stronger person. Recognizing that it's ok and normal to be in pain makes you a hero to those who are also suffering. Belittling that pain and that struggle makes you a tiny, weak little man. 

It's ok to hurt. It's ok to admit you're not a superhero. Talk about it. Go to therapy, lord knows Ernestine has for decades.