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Dude Builds A Cannon That Fires Baseballs 1000MPH

I'll just say what everyone is thinking: Luis Robert would turn this 1000MPH fastball around and hit it 1000 feet, not too dissimilar to what happens when Gerrit Cole misses over the plate, except that bum throws a paltry 100, not 1000. Fuck him and fuck Mush. 

Yankees hate aside, here's the entire video, it's pretty cool if you're into "Myth Busters" type science experiments, which I personally am:

Aside from that, it gots me thinking - I'd like to stand in the box against this 1000MPH cannon fastball, and not even necessarily with a bat. I'd just like to see what a fastball that hard looks like. I've always visualized this kinda stuff; back when Chris Sale was striking out 100 hitters a game for the White Sox years ago, I would watch how uncomfortable hitters would look in the box off him and always wanted to see what it looked like first hand. I mean yeah, I played baseball at it's pinnacle as a D3 bullpen catcher, but the hardest fastball I ever saw was 94-95MPH. It was straight though, so it wasn't THAT difficult to make contact. That kid made it to AAA in the Dbacks system, but never threw a pitch in The Show because he couldn't miss enough bats in spite of his above average velo. Imagine adding a few ticks and then absurd arm side run that Sale has/had? That has to be so awkward and uncomfortable to hit off of but at the same time I'd love to do it.

I mean look at what Chris Sale has done to hitters over the years:

Just absurd. I wish he would have won just one Cy Young because he'd be well on his way to the Hall right now if he had. Instead he's probably gotta put together a couple more all star type seasons to get there.

I'm doing a lot of rambling right now. I just want to step in a box (with a bat or without) against someone as freakishly gifted as Chris Sale just to see what it looks like. The fact that there are a lot of MLB hitters that have turned him and pitchers like him around just shows how gifted you have to be to play at the pinnacle of this game. 

Oh and the dude who built this baseball cannon also built a machine to hit baseballs like 1 million feet too. Cool videos to kill time before you hit the saloons for college football, baseball and the NFL this weekend... WOW it felt good to say that