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'I Always Tell Him He's Got Elephant Balls' - Coach Cal, Correctly Describing Tyler Herro's Anatomy When It Comes To Hoops

It's not exactly a secret that I love Tyler Herro. One of my favorite players to come through the Kentucky factory and despite playing for the Heat it's impossible to not cheer for him. The dude has no fear - starting back in high school when he decommitted from Wisconsin and dealt with that for a year. He didn't give a shit. He just kept balling out before turning into a lottery pick at Kentucky. The man simply isn't afraid of the moment. Big shot needed? Not a problem at all

The man simply has elephant balls - Coach Cal confirms it here. He's so cocky and not afraid of the moment that Jimmy Butler immediately became best friends with him. I don't think Jimmy Butler ever has had a friend, let alone a best friend, but Tyler Herro is that now. Now I don't need to tell you elephant balls are gigantic. Just look at elephants. Nothing that size can have small balls. That's just a scientific fact. 

I wish Herro stayed a second year at Kentucky. Everyone else in the country would have truly HATED him and I would have loved him even more. Granted, I 100% understand why he left and rightfully so. But I still wish he stayed another year for selfish reasons.