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The 'Balkan Boys' Turned An NBA Bubble Restaurant Into A Club And I've Never Wanted To Party With A Group Of People More

[The Athletic] - The dinner featured players from several Balkan countries: Serbia (Nikola Jokić and Boban Marjanović), Slovenia (Luka Dončić, Dragić and Vlatko Čančar) and Montenegro (Nikola Vučević).

Ivica Zubac and Mario Hezonja (Croatia) and Jusuf Nurkić (Bosnia and Herzegovina) weren’t there the first night, but they joined the group the next day for brunch and then two days later for a second dinner.

Drinks turned into playing music from their phones while locking arms and belting Serbian, Croatian and Bosnian songs, including “Slavija” by Džej and “Ne Moze Nam Niko Nista” by Mitar Miric, seemingly every few minutes.

“We transformed the restaurant to a club,” Dragić said.

Look at that crew! Sign me up for this party on Boban alone but you're telling me you'd pass on clubbing with a bunch of Balkan Boys? I don't think so. You know Hezonja is a must party with guy, strictly based on how he acts on the court. The dude isn't afraid to do anything. Remember when he yammed on Giannis and then stepped over him like he was Ty Lue? 

But seriously, just imagine you're there drinking and look over a few hours later and see this: 

That's a top-2 visual behind only a drunk Bill Raftery. Boban LOVES to party. No doubt about it. You know he just sits there and cracks jokes, dances, probably crushes 100 Natty Lights to get drunk while a tall boy can looks like an airplane bottle in his hand. He's gotta be in everyone's top-5 athletes to party with. Just give me this giant dude who likes to have a good time. I don't care if he can't hear me because he's a foot and a half taller than me. 

Balkan Boys is such a sweet name too. That's one that has to stick. It also makes me wish Yugoslavia stuck together strictly for basketball reasons. Give me this crew vs the US in the Olympic gold medal game. We already kick everyone's asses whenever we're not 'Team Shamrock' or whatever the fuck this past World Cup team was called. Make it interesting. That Balkan Boy team would be loaded with Dragic, Luka, Boban, Jokic, Nurkic, Hezojna, Saric, both of the Bogdanovic's and Zubac. Not to mention our boy Milos Teodosic who is a star in Europe. That team vs Team USA would be AWESOME. 

I just love how they turned a restaurant into a club though. That seems very Eastern European of them. Just planning on doing a dinner and then getting drunk and singing. More importantly getting hammered and singing this song like it's Wagon Wheel in 2008 at Two Keys:

I never knew I wanted to be part of the Balkan Boys until this moment. That's just Boban though.