Ohio State's Wyatt Davis Has Given Up On The Big Ten And Declared For The NFL Draft

Congratulations, Wyatt. I absolutely hate that you could not get ANY clarity on the season from Crooked Kevin Warren or the Big Ten, and that you were forced into making this decision. I know how much blood, sweat, and tears you put into this program. I know how much you want to play for the Buckeyes this year. But, I guess since you haven't and will not hear from the man who took it all away from you, then I will apologize on behalf of the Big Ten. Wyatt Davis: I'm sorry. 

But alas, like THE caring Ohio State Buckeye he is, Wyatt Davis is the one who is sympathetic today....

“I wish there was more clarity. I feel bad for Gene Smith & Ryan Day. They have exhausted everything to play.”

What a class act. And thank you to two more undisputed class acts, Gene Smith and Ryan Day, for exhausting everything to play. It just looks like the will of Crooked Kevin Warren just won't let it happen. I mean, this can't bode well for the Big Ten season, right? I know we've got lots of people on Twitter saying that the Big Ten is still coming back on October 10th, but if there was even a little bit of a chance that were happening right now, Wyatt Davis wouldn't have chosen today to announce this news. I'm afraid that this "vote" may have taken a turn for the worse in the past couple days. Or, even worse, Crooked Kevin Warren has committed to the approach to run out the clock. He's providing no answers and no information, and he's wasting so much time that even when they finally allow us to play, it'll be too late.

Sad. Embarrassing. Heartbroken.

But congratulations, Wyatt. You deserved a better end to your incredible collegiate career. I can't wait to see you on Sundays. 

One person I CAN wait to see on Sundays though is Justin Fields…..

Hold out, Justin. No one would blame you if you left this afternoon, but there's still a glimmer of hope that we play this Fall. Just wait it out, Justin. Keep fighting.