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Does "Angels In The Outfield" Have The Most Star-Studded Cast In The History Of Cinema?

"Angels In The Outfield", full movie...--Carl

I can't remember exactly how this came up on radio yesterday, but we started talking about the cast of Angels In The Outfield and it is INSANE how many big time actors are in that movie. A cheeseball, but adorable, Disney Sports movie from the 1990s that just so happens to have THREE Oscar winners, multiple Emmys, multiple Golden Globes, and nominees out the ass. An accidental dream team of Hollywood A-list celebrities. The entire budget for "Angels In The Outfield" was $24M in 1994. That budget might get them one of their A-listers today. 

Just look at this cast. 

That is young Joshua Gordon-Leavitt. All precocious and full of wonderment and he would go on to be a recognizable Hollywood name. I am TERRIBLE with actors and celebrity names so I feel like I am pretty good barometer for who is famous and successful. If I know you're name then you're big time actor. I know this kid. He made it. 

The movie probably spent the majority of their casting budget on four big names from the 80s and 90s

Danny Glover

Lethal Weapon, ever heard of it. 

Tony Danza(people say I look like him sometimes when I am in shape)

Very poor mechanics in this gif, but a big name from Who's The Boss. A real star in the 90s. 

The number one old lady with a heart of gold actress of all-time, Brenda Fricker

Brenda has an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress from a movie she did in 1989 that I have never heard of, and she should've gotten one for her role in Home Alone 2. 

Christopher Lloyd who is a national treasure

Big names. Household names. Names that at the time were enough to carry a movie. To fill out the cast…a couple of bums named Adrian Brody

and Matthew fucking McConaughey

Oh and they also had Dermot Mulroney who is that handsome guy who appears in rom-coms. He played the deadbeat dad who rode off on a motorcycle at the beginning of the movie and set this entire super natural plot in motion. I did some googling to find a movie with a deeper cast and I couldn't find one. There is "Mars Attacks", but that movie was intended to be a joke and that group was put together for that purpose. "The Thin Red Line" had Sean Penn, John Cusack, John Travolta, John C Reilly, Adrian Brody again, and George Clooney. Oceans 11 is in the discussion. Angels In The Outfield though…that was just a small budget film with an eye for talent. It ended up being the discussion(thanks to this blog it is now being discussed) for the greatest cast ever assembled. If you don't count ensemble casts like "Love Actually" or the Avengers who have an infinite budget then Angels In The Outfield takes the cake. Incredible fact that not enough people talk about and also…just a good movie. Click above and have yourself a Friday.