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Elizabeth Holmes Pleads Insanity In Her Theranos Fraud Case Which Is The Most Air Tight Defense Of All Time

Disgraced Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes may argue that she was suffering from a 'mental disease' when she allegedly defrauded investors out of hundreds of millions of dollars with her fake blood testing technology.    

The tentative plan for a so-called insanity defense was revealed on Wednesday when the US District Court in San Diego ruled that experts selected by the prosecution could examine Holmes. 

Judge Edward Davila authorized the examinations after Holmes' lawyers said they intended to introduce expert evidence from a clinical psychologist 'relating to a mental disease or defect or any other mental condition of the defendant bearing on the issue of guilt'.

Defraud investors out of HUNDREDS of millions of dollars and fake your way to a 9 billion dollar valuation and never do anything except for hurt people with your fake technology? No problem. Just plead "mental disease" and you can get off scot free! Normally I would roll my eyes at a defense like this, but I've been obsessed with this story. I watch the HBO documentary. I listened to a podcast about Elizabeth Holmes. And from watching that and following this story there is one truth that I know beyond a shadow of a doubt...that bitch is crazy! I mean the wardrobe to dress in all black turtlenecks so people will think she's the female Steve Jobs to using a fake voice for YEARS

You have to be a complete and utter psychopath to keep that act up 24 hours a day for years while you're also lying about developing a technological revolution in the medical industry. She is 100% insane and should be treated as such. I feel bad for the investors, but I have watched enough Shark Tank to know that when you're putting your money in the hands of a entrepreneur you need to know that you're investing in that person as much as the business they're trying to grow and how anyone could sit in a room with Elizabeth Holmes and not instantly recognize that she is a lunatic is beyond me. There's risk involved with investing. She might be able to fraudulently produce tests or documents or a voice, but you can't fake what is in your eyes and her eyes scream crazy. At some point that is on you, the investor. She should be locked up, but her defense is air tight because, well, look at her