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Chicago Hero And Football Guy Legend Michael Pantazis Made The Greatest Catch In Football History 25 Years Ago

I've watched this video a solid 1000 times over the years and I'm still not positive it's not an SNL skit, or at least some sort of plant by Joe Montegna. It's too perfect in every single way for it not to be, right?

I mean Mike Pantazis of Sullivan HS in Rogers Park just RADIATES Chicago meatball fan in every single way. Chris Farley and Mike Myers were undoubtedly thinking of Pantazis when they were performing The Superfans for SNL in the early 90s. 

And that mullet???

Oh my GOD is that thing disgustingly beautiful!!! 

Just laugh out loud funny and disturbingly accurate. Sure it's a skit and these guys are making fun of all of the fat asses in Chicago with Walrus mustaches sitting around, eating fried food and talking about how good the Bears could be while reminiscing on the 85 team. It's EERILY accurate, and that's what makes it so good.  

So this one's for you, Mike. You're the biggest superfan in a sea of superfans. We'll see ya next week perhaps to see if ya still got those great hands that made Sullivan High proud back in the 80s