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Damian Lillard Continues To Be An Awesome Rapper And Dropped A New Song With Snoop Dogg Called 'KOBE!'

I know the thought of athletes being rappers or movie stars doesn't exactly work out, but Dame is legit awesome. Now here he is dropping a song with Snoop Dogg, ever heard of him? And it's a song all about Kobe, which just reminds me how universal saying Kobe! is when throwing something. It can be paper in the trash, socks in the hamper, whatever, it's universal. That might be Kobe's lasting legacy even more than what he did for the Lakers. It's the one thing everyone agrees on. No one screams Durant! Or Curry! Or anything else. It's always Kobe. 

I still wish Lillard dropped a diss track on Pat Bev and the Clippers though when they trolled him for missing the free throws. We've seen him get into rap beefs with Shaq and Marvin Bagley before: 

We also know that Dame brought his recording stuff to the bubble since he and teammates dropped a rap song about the bubble. But, back to Kobe, Dame hits it pretty much on the spot. Mentions the 8 and 24 difference and the fact that he was the closest to MJ in terms of mimicking his game. Not exactly a secret there. Pretty good run for Dame here though. He was bubble MVP for the 8 games, dropped an EP, was ready to fight Skip Bayless and now drops a song with Snoop Dogg.