Ryan Day Wants (DEMANDS!) Some Answers From The Big Ten

"Duke is playing Notre Dame, and Clemson is playing Wake Forest this weekend. Our players want to know: why can't they play?"

That's my coach. And now he is demanding some answers. And he clearly has taken a HUGE step here by publicly criticizing the Big Ten and the way they've handled all of this. We've all known the entire time that Ohio State wants to play, but it's been the parents and the players and the assistants on Twitter that have been vocal. Now it is the highest paid employee in the state of Ohio and the most prominent head coach in the conference that is speaking out. This wasn't him going rogue. This wasn't on a whim. This was calculated by the administration at Ohio State. If you're not going to answer to our parents, you're going to answer to our head coach.

I honestly can't comprehend what the Big Ten is thinking right now by remaining silent and secretive.  If you're going to cancel the season, at least give the kids and their families some answers as to why! Show us the data you used. Tell us about the vote. Let's hear from your medical experts. If you show me the gruesome data that was presented to you and 10 Presidents said they wanted to cancel the season, that's a much easier pill to swallow than all of these rumors flying around that there wasn't even a vote and no one really knows how the season got cancelled. At least own up to your decision. But right now, why would any parent want to send their kid to a Big Ten school anymore? Why would a coach want to come to the Big Ten? Why would a school want to play in the Big Ten? Kevin Warren took his ball and went home. Turned off his phone and said I've made my decision and you don't get to know why. Simply ridiculous.

Oh, and his little mouthpiece needs her account deactivated too. 

Yeah, no duh? No one is debating that. That's obviously why Ohio State wants to play. But Ohio State is not the ONLY school wondering why they have to sit at home while other teams are playing this weekend….

What are you talking about? Are you intentionally trying to be this obtuse? Or are you Mark May behind a keyboard. Nicole Auerbach's disdain for Ohio State makes zero sense and is becoming very annoying. I mean, Nebraska players are literally suing the Big Ten to play. Iowa has voted to play from the start. We apparently have 8 votes to play already. And fans across the country are going crazy because college football means a lot to a lot of people. This isn't just an Ohio State thing. Sure, we want the National Championship. But it's not only us that want to play…


So now in 2 days we have the Ohio Attorney General saying Ohio State should sue the Big Ten and Ryan Day making a public statement. This is obviously very frustrating to wait on but I think the Big Ten caves soon.