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When You Win A (Nearly) $1 Million Pot, It Keeps You Warm Forever

There are good friends, and then there are GREAT friends, and this is a GREAT GREAT friend. Ali Imsirovic is a high stakes, and I do mean HIGH STEAKS professional poker player. He recently, just a few weeks ago, won a $975,000 pot in a very crazy game of poker. And now, thanks to his great great friend, he will never be able to forget it.





Amazing. He now gets to go to sleep every night draped in his biggest pot he's ever won. What a fucking flex. You bring a girl over and she's like "what the fuck is that?" and you get to explain how you checked the river and someone shoved $310,000 into your nut flush. Maybe she won't understand what the nut flush is, but she'll be understanding a different type of nut…nevermind. Family website. 

By the way, this is the hand history of that hand:



Tan opens cutoff to $4,278, Ali made it $21,000 from the bb, Tan called.

Ali led $15,425 on the flop, Tan made it $53,700, Ali called.

Ali checked the J of spades turn, Tan bet $101,046 into $153,100, and Ali called.

The river completed the flush, and Ali once again checked. Tan shoved $309,719, Ali called and shipped the $974,631 pot.

Prettayyyy, pretty good.

I think this is the new move. Any time you accomplish anything major, it gets made into a quilt. Like when you get arrested and have your very first mugshot, awwww




Mugshots, million dollar hands, and the first time a girl responds to a text. I hear that actually happens to people. Quilt it.


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