Wake Up With Mike Piazza's Home Run In The First Game In NY After 9/11

No-brainer here for the wakeup. No need to get jokes off or play around, Mike Piazza hitting the home run in the first game in New York since the 9/11 attacks is an all time moment that will never be forgotten. Baseball and the rest of life was put on the back burner on that day, and in the days after, but it was also the release that people needed. I couldn't imagine the amount of joy those Mets fans felt watching Pizza obliterate that ball while they wore the NYPD hats. It wouldn't erase what happened a few days before, but for a second it gave them something to cheer about. Obviously Large and others will write about the events of that day, those are the blogs you should read today. Dave will post the Man In The Red Bandana again later and like every year previous, I'll cry while watching the video. Never forget.