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Jeremy Pruitt Calls Kirby Smart a Cheater — at Golf

For being a Nick Saban disciple, Jeremy Pruitt has proven a few times during his tenure at Tennessee that he can be pretty funny. When discussing competitive advantages during his press availability on Thursday, Pruitt mentioned how Georgia head coach Kirby Smart seems to always find his golf ball in the woods every time they play.

"Every time I play golf with Kirby Smart, he's the only guy who always finds his ball in the woods," Pruitt said. "Always."

And yeah, that definitely makes sense. I'm shocked he doesn't seem to find it right in the middle of the fairway — although he can't drop off a duffel bag full of cash to a golf ball to get it to do what he wants.

Smart fired back, though.

That's actually not a bad response, to be honest with you. These two spent several years together at Alabama and seem to be pretty good friends, even if now division rivals. I would also tend to believe Pruitt is not very good at golf. All the guy knows is coaching football, watching film to prepare for coaching football or discussing football. He doesn't have time to work on his short game.

But it is very clear to me we need some sort of charity television event with these two playing at Eastlake this offseason. Every television set in the Southeast would be on that thing. Let's settle this once and for all.

But yeah, Kirby Smart definitely cheats.