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El Chapo Admits The Only Addiction He Ever Suffered From Was "Women' And That He's Fathered 23 Children

Daily Mail - Joaquín 'El Chapo' Guzmán admitted the only addiction he ever suffered from was 'women' and that he was the father of 23 children.

The revelations were made during a tell all interview with renown criminologist Mónica Ramírez Cano after Mexican security forces had captured the fugitive co-founder of the Sinaloa Cartel.

Ramírez Cano, who in the past profiled some of Mexico most infamous drug lords, shared a five-second clip of the interview session that was recorded in 2016. 

She sat across from El Chapo and asked 'what have you liked the most Joaquín?' before the recording came to an abrupt end.

The complete interview session was never uploaded. 

Ramírez Cano, who posted the video on social media Monday, said she asked El Chapo 'what are you addictions?' to which the jailed drug lord then replied, 'none, my only addiction are the women.'

The 63-year-old reportedly has been been married four times. 

According to Infobae, Ramírez Cano possesses a 'normal IQ' although he proved to be  utterly astute in carving out a successful yet illicit career as the mastermind behind a criminal syndicate whose influence stretched out across the globe. 

'He is a respectful person, takes great care of manners, cordial, kind, very reserved, but when you establish trust you can talk with him in an extraordinary way, which allows you to know how his mind operates,' Ramírez Cano said.

'He is not a psychopath. He has psychopathic traits and narcissistic traits that are reflected in a need for admiration, to feel unique and special,' Ramírez Cano said.

So many golden tag lines in this interview piece.

First off, El Chapo is NOT a psychopath according to this lady. 

Let's get that misnomer cleared up and out of the way. 

Biggest drug kingpin since Noreaga responsible for 34,000 (THIRTY-FOUR THOUSAND) deaths, and who admitted to torturing men to death with his own bare hands is not a psychopath.

In fact "he's a very respectful and polite person."

Got it.

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Next, the reason you clicked this blog.

"His only addiction was women."

What a tremendous line from a true Casanova.

Did this Mónica Ramírez Cano lady not realize she was being fed line after line from El Chapo by design? It wasn't just a coincidence those panties got moist in that interview room. He was spitting crazy game. 

"I'm really not the bad boy everybody thinks I am. Mam."

"What would I say my biggest flaw is? I'd have to say that I care too much."

It's called Neuro-linguistic programming. All the little guys that slay puss do it. You never see them coming. Like Nicky Santoro. One minute you're underestimating them. Next thing you know you're back down, legs in the air on the office desk begging him to pound you.

Tale as old as time. 

If you don't believe me then just ask the mothers of his TWENTY THREE children.

Do you know what kind of dick game you gotta have to father 23 kids?

Antonio Cromartie heard that number and spit out his coffee.

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Talk about all time cream pie conversion rates also.

Giphy Images.

Not only was he dropping loads in these chicks on a regular basis, but those swimmers were finding eggs pretty much every single time. And fertilizing the fuck out of them. The man shot no blanks.

You gotta tip your cap. You really do.

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