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The Fast And The Furious Is Officially Headed To Space

I'm not going to say I called it, because I think we as a society concluded that space was obviously going to be the next destination for the franchise. After all, Vin Diesel has been applying nair to his entire body for the last decade for the express purpose of staying aerodynamic in case he got the call. The question is now the context of the mission. 

We got Han back from the grave, John Cena and his full head of hair as Vin Diesel's little brother "Jacob", and Charlize Theron with an Lloyd from Dumb and Dumber haircut as the antagonist "Cipher". How will this lead to space other than the rocket ship attached to the Pontiac? Your guess is as good as mine, but I can't wait to see Dom getting strapped into a Spacex rocket he borrowed from Elon Musk, who is is friends with through some chance encounter involving mechanics, and getting launched to an evil space station while Mr. 305 aka Mr. Worldwide aka Armando Christian Pérez aka PITBULL plays some fantastic beats that have us all on the edge of our seats. 

P.S. as a note, I can't interpret if Rodriguez was being tongue and cheek in her statement the way it was transcribed, but we here on this program are going to choose to believe she's being serious.