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The NBA Admits That Kemba Walker WAS Fouled With 2.2 Seconds Remaining In Regulation

You know, I was ready to move on and focus on Game 7. I had fully expected the league to cover their ass and come up with some bullshit that it was a CNC or something like that. So in that regard I'm actually surprised the league actually admitted what we all saw with our own eyes. Does knowing this change the outcome? Nope sure doesn't, there is still in fact a Game 7 tomorrow. But this is what I was talking about last night. This isn't Celtics fans crying about the refs in a situation that could go either way. It was very clearly a foul. Not only that, it was a foul that very well could have ended the series. You CAN'T fuck that up. It's not just because this went against the Celts. OK maybe that's like 84% of my anger, but you can't see that play and not think it was bullshit.

Not only that, but they also got boned on a missed travel in the OT

I know this doesn't change anything. I know I shouldn't care and what's done is done. But I'm still emotional. There were a BILLION other reasons why the Celts lost Game 6. Kemba's 5 points in 50 minutes, Tatum's 6 TOs, all that shit. 

But anyone with eyes knew Kemba got fouled and should have had an opportunity to end the series. Fucking pathetic.