Joe Rogan's New Studio Kinda Sucks

Joe Rogan has officially made his move from LA to Texas. With that, he is leaving behind his awesome studio in LA for a new one in Austin.

Due to how much space he had in LA:

You'd think he'd go with a similar looking studio in Austin....but that did NOT happen. Instead, Rogan looks like his podcast is now broadcasted from a bunker under Area 51 (which would be fitting for his podcast):

Not that I'm going to not watch now or anything, but I much preferred the look and feel of his old studio. Everything was so spread out. This studio gives me serious anxiety. I mean can Joey Diaz even fit into this one? Rogan's short, but what if he wanted to have a Stipe Miocic on? Would a 6'4 person fit in there? It looks like a damn space ship!